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Drinking Budddy

Little tipsy but need to get your car home too? Why let driving stop you when you can call a Drinking Budddy. We will make sure to get you and your car home safely wherever, whenever.

Coming Summer 2020.

Medical Budddy

Getting sedated at a medical appointment but have no one to drive you afterward? You will always have a CPR/Frist-Aid certified Medical Budddy to get you and your car home safely no matter how loopy you are.

Coming Summer 2020.

Auto Budddy

Too busy to get your car serviced? Don’t be embarrassed, we have all been there. Our Auto Budddy gives your car the care it needs so you can have the time you need.

Coming Summer 2020.

Personal Budddy

DMV won’t let you drive? We are here for you and still can experience the freedom of riding in your car. Our Personal Budddy is typically for our wiser and elderly community members who need a budddy to go to the store, bank, or any errand imaginable.

Coming Summer 2020.

Driver Budddy

These are the people that make the magic happen! Our drivers, or Budddies as we call them, are here for YOU to get you and your car to your destination safely. They will show you the true respect any budddy of yours would, so please do the same to them..

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