From playing with that toy car as a child, to taking the wheel of that arcade game at your favorite restaurant, to finally getting the keys to your first vehicle and hitting the open road. Cars have and will forever be a major part of our lives. The vehicle, for the most part, has remained constant, however the ways in which we use them have forever been evolving. Until recently the majority of the world has been comfortable with hopping in strangers' cars to get from point A to point B, but today there is a risk associated with your health, well being, and safety. Strangers, for most people, now remain strangers and some of what we use to consider normal has been completely reversed. We dream of a future with autonomous vehicles that takeover the roads coupled with smart cities and efficiency at every turn. But until then there needs to be a bridge connecting the old world to where our future seems to be heading. A bridge we build together, as a community.

Welcome Budddy, the bridge between now and what’s to come next. Budddy is a connecting network that provides you with a budddy to transport your car for you. Whether you are with your vehicle or not, you are now able to get your car wherever you need it next. Built on the principles of community, safety, and convenience (car-venience), Budddy is determined to use its platform to connect the community by providing safe and convenient solutions to transportation needs.